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Lemonade to Leadership

Lemonade to Leadership

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“Discover How To Start Young Kids on the Path to Having Their Own Business! How You Can Raise Your Children to be a True Entrepreneur”


Have you ever wanted to show your kids how to get out of the rat race of having a job…giving them the ability to have their own business?
Do you want your children to be leaders?
Do you want your kids to have freedom to live their life for what matters most?


Let me tell you that “From Lemonade to Leadership” will provide you & your family the tools to have your own business and receive freedom in your life…to homeschool, to go on mission trips, to take a family vacation, to do what you are called to do. Quit being dependent on your job!

Get your family involved in the real world of business as rapidly as possible, so the natural rewards of earning money become a built-in incentive for a more in-depth study of business, freedom and entrepreneurialism.

Step by step program for a teacher to follow. Besides the typical parts of a lesson (objectives, materials, prerequisites & business terms) you will also find the Introduction, Discussion Questions & Activities, and Closure.  Optional activities are included in all three of these sections.

“Lemonade to Leadership” is a 12-25 hour curriculum that introduces business concepts and entrepreurship to students in grades 3-6.  It is also appropriate for older students (grades 7-8) who need a beginning experience in business.  Whether you have 12 or 30 hours, there is a plan for you.  Bonnie Drew gives you 3 tracks to follow (12 hours, 25, hours & 30 hours).

You can pull out the teacher book with little preparation and have a great lesson with your kids. Have your students follow along in their books as you discuss different business concepts and begin to develop your children’s business.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Choose an introductory activity to do with your group (or individual child) if you so choose.
  2. Read through each section of the lesson, discussing the concepts. You might do one section each day of the week. Every lesson has an optional writing lesson to improve your child’s writing activities.
  3. Take Action! That’s what we teach adult entrepreneurs, so you should be teaching it to your future entrepreneurs. Have your students complete the “Take Action” activities in the student book. They are explained in the teacher book.

That’s basically it! Have you ever seen anything so easy to use with your own kids?

What will your students learn? They will learn to:IEW Lemonade to Leadership

  • Recognize money-making opportunities
  • Estimate start-up costs and operating expenses
  • Write a real business plan
  • Set up a record-keeping system
  • Design marketing materials and ads
  • Deliver a sales presentation
  • Become a job-maker instead of a job-taker
  • Start and operate a youth-owned business
  • Take charge of the future

WHY I LIKE From Lemonade to Leadership: 

You choose what is best for you and your students and you can easily guide students through lessons with very little preparation on your part, making your life as a teacher much easier. You do not have to be an entrepreneur yourself to teach your children these important skills.

9 Reasons Why I Like Lemonade To Leadership:

  • Hands-on activities – already created to make it EASY on you!
  • Saves you time – comes with pre-printed Business Forms & Worksheets – Forms your kids need to start & run their own business.
  • Special projects outlined to develop a business that will work: the business presentation & trade show
  • Guided instructions for writing a complete business plan – Even if you don’t have your own business, you can help your kids gain freedom in their lives by running their own business.
  • Take Home Action Plans for EVERY lesson – Begin developing your child into a leader as he or she creates an action plan each week. Taking Action is ESSENTIAL to growing a successful business.
  • Quiz included – If you need a grade for this class, a pre-post quiz is included.
  • BONUSES included in Lemonade to Leadership:
    Business Forms
    Personal Survey
    Neighborhood Needs Survey
    Master List of Ideas
    Naming My Business
    Product Survey
    Part I: Organizational Plan
    Part II: Marketing Plan
    Customer Receipt
    Part III: Financial Plan
    Income Ledger
    Expense Ledger
    Order Form
    Sign-Up Sheet
    Trade Show Invitation
    Business Calendar
  • Glossary of Business Terms – presented throughout the course
    Let me say this is an excellent program for elementary students. When you choose to use Lemonade to Leadership, you will begin to instill both entrepreneur and leadership skills in your children.
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You can search all over the internet, but I’ve already done the work for you.   You don’t have anything to lose with our money-back guarantee.  Grab your copy of Lemonade to Leadership below. You’ll be glad you did.

IEW Lemonade to Leadership


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I UNDERSTANDI will receive: 
  • Lemonade to Leadership student manual
  • Lemonade to Leadership teacher manual
  • Student Resource Notebook (ebook)
  • FREE shipping!

I UNDERSTAND… that Lemonade to Leadership comes with a 100% money back guarantee. I may request a refund of the purchase price, as long as the product is in re-saleable, like new condition.

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