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Has Grammar become that dreaded subject noone wants to tread on?


Most students dislike grammar because it has no relevance; it is a workbook with tons of exercises.  How BORING is that?

Pamela White and IEW have produced a fantastic grammar guide you can use to teach grammar rules in less than 15 minutes a day . . . from an interesting perspective.

Ms. White has re-written classic stories with embedded mistakes.  It is your student’s mission to find & correct the mistakes.  And believe me, kids like correcting other people’s mistakes a lot more than they want to correct their own.  So, set them on their mission of detecting all the errors in the stories.

But, I teach students at multi-age levels!  Can I still use Fix-It for all those grade levels?

Don’t worry!  Fix-It provides 5 stories from grade 3 to 12.  Each story is used for 32 week, 4 times a week.  In other words, you get 5 years worth of grammar in one book…really!

How does Fix-It work?

For each story, students rewrite a sentence a day, 4 days/week, correcting as many of the embedded grammatical errors as they can find. They also search for IEW dress-ups and sentence openers. Beneath the incorrect sentences are printed the corrections, and on the right column are listed the explanations of grammar, including the definition for a bolded vocabulary word.

In addition to the grammar rules in the Appendix, to the right of each passage are the rules for those sentences – so it’s all spelled out – plus the vocabulary definition (I figured teachers would be like me and appreciate having the dictionary definition close at hand) and IEW style tools used.

Which students work Best with Fix-It?

I think it works well as a stand-alone once students have learned parts of speech and basic sentence structure (dependent and independent clauses, phrases), if the parent or teacher takes the time to make sure students understand the rules, which are listed beside the sentences.  Parents & teachers get PLENTY of HELP with full explanations of the rules in the BONUS Appendix.traditional

Generally, by the time students reach high school, exercises in grammar don’t translate well to their writing. Grammar should come as much as possible from writing itself, and IEW’s style system is the best to helps with that. The Fix-Its help you see what your students don’t know. Fix-Its keep the conversation about rules AND style techniques open. When you reiterate through discussion, you help those rules sink in.

PLUS…the IEW grammar system also aids your students in tackling standardized tests like the SAT because the tests offer them incorrect sentences which they must then fix.

This sounds alot like Editor-in-Chief.  What makes Fix-It better for my kids?

It’s only a little like Editor-in-Chief, which I used with my children for a few months. Editor-in-Chief can be frustrating to homeschool moms & teachers.  The embedded errors aren’t the kinds of things your children needed to be working on.  It seems too hit or miss, with not enough focus on the important issues.

IEW Fix-ItFix-It is different from Editor because each of its 5 stories lasts a full year – so it’s really 5 years of grammar in one book. Written for different age groups from 3rd grade to seniors, the stories allow students to rewrite 4 passages a week for 33 weeks.

The first three stories have built-in advanced concepts, identified in the explanations by an exclamation mark, which allows even the easiest story to work well with many ages and abilities. All of the stories are intended to be challenging; teachers & moms should remind students that they won’t find all the errors. Some of the errors will be review for the students. Some allow you to teach on the spot (and keep reinforcing through repetition of the same rule) new concepts.


You get an extra ebook to print out for each of your children. I love the ebook which has all the stories in a Word format.  You can  put together a workbook for each of your kids.  Include lines for him to define his vocabulary words on one side of his workbook.  On the facing page he can write lines to correct the week’s work.  Take it to a printer and for about $5.50 have a nice spiral bound Grammar and Vocabulary book he can use all year.

11 Reasons Why I Like Fix-It:

  • Student Resource Notebook Printable – Yep, that’s right. You can print out a student resource notebook for each child in your immediate family. You don’t have to order separate notebooks, just print & insert into binder. You & your child are ready! Save yourself some time typing the stories yourself.
  • Super Flexible – Print the stories for your students’ use or reformat if you want. In other words Fix-It  is super-flexible so you can use it for each of your kids’ strengths or weaknesses.
  • Bonus Appendix - Your bonus appendix comes with tons of extra helps so you don’t have to research lots of different books, guides or websites to help your students write correctly.  The appendices include:
    - Grammar & Mechanic Rules (Punctuation, Grammar)
    - Excellence in Writing Style Techniques (Dress-Ups, Sentence Openers, Advanced Style)
    - Abbreviation List
    - Proofreading Symbols
    - Sample of Student Work
    - Index of Grammar Explanations in Fix-It
  • Spend Time on HOW to Write – Most writing programs spend most of their time brainstorming topics (what to write about) & precious little time on how to write well. IEW does just the opposite. This IEW program will teach your children HOW to write well. Best writing I’ve used or seen since 1999.
  • Step by Step Instruction with Goals – Save yourself time planning & implementing these lessons. Everything is done for you in All Things Fun & Fascinating. Each lesson has goals and step-by-step instructions, so you know what is expected of you and your child.
  • Teaches A Variety of Writing Style & Structures – Your child will learn how to write simple paragraphs, stories, from a single references or multiple references, poetry, and more.
  • Grades 3-5 – Even a 7 year old can learn to write well with this program. You can use this with multiple ages & multiple grades. One program for many students.
  • Stylistic Charts & Helps – I love these charts because you can use them when your student needs help brainstorming new quality adjectives or strong verbs.
  • Stories Written in Your Book – The stories are right here in the book for you. You do NOT have to spend time searching for each story and/or making it appropriate for the age of your child.
  • FREE Teacher Supplement – The Teacher Supplement e-book is included free with purchase. Contains scheduling ideas, games, vocabulary, and more!
  • FREE Shipping – Did I mention we offer FREE shipping on all IEW products? That’s right! You do NOT pay shipping. It’s on us.

Before publishing these stories, the author (Pamela White) tested them with students 2 years now (her own homeschooled children and students in homeschool co-ops and tutorials).  After 2 years, she has very positive results.

The kids have fun with the stories and are eager to find out what happens, which makes learning the grammar more enjoyable. She deliberately challenges the students with some grammar they probably won’t know, so she can use the stories as a means of teaching concepts as well as reinforcing what they’ve already learned.

Give Your Students a REAL Reason for Learning Grammar.
When you use Fix-It, your kids will see grammar-in-action.  They will see the reason you must learn about grammar, punctuation and vocabulary

SAVE TIME and SPEND MORE TIME with your FAMILY by using these editing  lessons that work!  And your kids will learn a new vocabulary word every day!

To summarize, Fix-It! Grammar and Editing with the Classics contains 5 stories for 5 different age groups, each one to be used over the course of a year: an abridged version of Tom Sawyer, two humorous takeoffs on classic fairy tales, an abridged version of Andersen’s The Little Mermaid, and an abridged, translated version of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. Grade levels range from 3rd to 12th grade.


100% Money Back Guarantee…for Life. I may request a refund of the purchase price, as long as the product is in re-saleable, like new condition.


Quit Making It Hard on your students…   Let Your Students ENJOY Grammar & Writing by putting them on a mission to find all of the mistakes in a few short sentences!

This is the PERFECT way to learn grammar, punctuation and vocabulary or homeschoolers or classroom teachers so reserve your copy today for just $30.


IEW Fix-It


YES! I want to discover how to teach grammar effortlessly in less than 15 minutes a day, using IEW’s Fix-It for $30 with free shipping. 
I will receive:

  • Fix-It Manual
  • Stylistic Charts & Helps inside the manual
  • Student Resource Notebook (ebook)
  • Teacher Supplement (ebook)
  • FREE Shipping!

I UNDERSTAND… that Fix-It comes with a 100% money back guarantee. I may request a refund of the purchase price, as long as the product is in re-saleable, like new condition.

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