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How to Write Thank You Notes – for Kids {30 Days of Thanks}

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Day 13 Gratitude Card Idea: Help your kids write a thank you note today.

How do you teach your children to write thank you cards?

Thanksgiving Activities for Kids

how to write thank you notes - 30 days of thanksgiving activities for kids ~

If you’ve never taught them how to write thank you notes, today is the perfect time to start. By practicing right now, they will be experts at thank you cards by the time Christmas comes around.

I like to use the 1 paragraph outline (from IEW) for a thank you card. Here’s a short synopsis of that outline.

1. Intro sentence stating what you are thanking recipient for
2. Tell how you like that character quality/gift/item for which you are thankful.
3. Tell recipient how you will use that gift or how that character quality impacts you
4. Further explain why you are thankful
5. Restate (clincher) why you are thankful

It’s perfectly okay for your kids to outline their thank you cards before they write them. Start today and have your child choose one person to write a thank you. Let them fill out the outline above. Tomorrow, they can write their thank you draft. Once you read their draft, you should lightly edit it.

The following day, they can rewrite their thank you in their best handwriting.

Finally, teach your child how to address an envelope with the return address & mailing address of the recipient.

Use my ‘How to Write a Thank You Letter’ free printable to get started. Just fill in your name & email below to receive the outline. Print out one for each thank you card your child needs to write.

how to write a thank you letter outline

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Question: How do you prepare your kids for Thanskgiving? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

day13 - how to write a thank you note - 3 days of thanksgiving activities for kids ~

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