How To Homeschool My Child

How do you decide?

How do you decide?

There are so many choices in the Build Your Bundle Sale. How do you know what will help your family the most?

Have you looked at your goals sheet? If not, grab your goals and then go through these lists & videos to choose what is best for YOUR family!

Build Your Own Bundle at the Biggest Homeschool Curriculum Sale of the Year

Yesterday & today I made several videos showing you some of the resources I purchased myself. In fact, I  created a Love of Learning Bundle and a Nature Studies Bundle of resources that I believe are worth getting in either of those areas. I also have some of my favorite helps in other videos.

My hope is when you “see” a few pages of the resources, it will help you decide whether or not that will help your homeschool. With summer right around the corner either of these 2 bundles will be lots of fun…and your kids won’t realize they’re learning.

Love of Learning Bundle

What’s included in my Love of Learning Bundle?

  • Travel God’s World Geography 50.00
  • History Cards 14.99 (your choice: Ancient, Medieval, American, Modern)
  • Math in the Cards 18.00
  • Slime Science 4.00
  • American Girls-Caroline 8.95
  • Famous Inventors Online Unit Study 35.00
  • Little House Learning Activities 7.99
  • Pioneer Complete Unit Study 16.95
  • Marketing Plan: Algebra 4.25
  • Fruit of the Spirit Activity Book 14.00 each
    (or Esther or Favorite Bible Stories or Disciples)

Total 174.13 …..but you pay ONLY $43.53 with 75% discount

Summer Fun with Nature Bundle

What’s included in my Summer Fun with Nature Bundle?

  • Summer Nature Study (Five in a Row) 16.00
  • A Night Sky Nature Study 4.99
  • Butterfly Nature Study 5.99
  • Nature Worth Observing 14.99
  • Outdoor Learning for Preschoolers 14.99
  • Trees of Scripture 30.00
  • Animal Classification Escape the Volcano Game 7.00
  • Animal Classification Flash Cards 4.00
  • Seasons: Complete Unit Study 8.95

Total 106.95 …..but you pay ONLY $26.73 with 75% discount

Outer Space Helps

What’s included in my Outer Space Helps?

After you get our Oreo Moon Phases Activity Guide, be sure to get these fun outer space helps . . .

Math with a Purpose Homeschool Resources

Fun with Math. Math with a Purpose.
Encourage your kids to love learning math with these awesome resources

Great Bible Helps for Moms…and fun for kids

I’ll be using the Fruit of the Spirit resources in our SHIP El Salvador VBS this summer. My daughter, Ashley will be using the Kindergarten Bible Verse Chart with her kiddos. (It’s only $1.88 retail)

Your BYB Tour Guide Tips of the Day

Get the most for your money & some extra. When you use this link to buy a bundle, I’ll send you $70+ in homeschool & holiday bonuses. Just email your receipt to me.

Get your Planning Worksheet by clicking here.

Just for placing an order in the Flash Sale, you will receive the Homeschool Portfolio. It’s completely FREE.

FREE Gift with Purchase - 2019 Build Your Bundle Flash Sale

Here’s a list of the Homeschool Gifts & Holiday Bundle Bonuses.

I want to be Your BYB Tour Guide. Here’s the initial explanation of Build Your Bundle and how YOU can save up to 92% on high quality resources.

What questions do you have?
Which resources will match your goals and are worth your money?

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