How To Homeschool My Child

Grab Over $70 in Homeschool & Holiday Resources for FREE

Yep, you can get over $70 in homeschooling and holiday resources for free. I’ll make this short!

What will you receive?

  • Homeschool Bundle $30
    • Father’s Day Writing Lesson ($5 value)
    • Don’t Worry Prayers ($5 value)
    • Teaching Good Manners: Teaching Tips for Busy Moms ($10)
    • Teaching Kids with “Easy to Use” Games ($10)
  • Holiday Bundle $40.79
    • Skies of the Cross Family Bible Study Guide ebook ($9.97)
    • Skies of the Cross Answer Key ebook ($4.95)
    • Christmas Bible Study: Star of Bethlehem Family Bible Study Guide ebook($19.97)
    • Bible Readings for Passion Week (Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday) ($2.95)
    • Easter Feasts Chart ($2.95)

Not only will you receive over $70 in great resources, you’ll get top-quality homeschool curriculum at 75%-90% discount. If you’ve not heard of Build Your Bundle, you can read more about it by hclicking here.

How can you get all these items for FREE?

It’s fairly simple and fun.  Simply purchase a bundle from Build Your Bundle by clicking this link. Then, follow these steps:

  1. Click here to make your purchase
  2. Email your receipt to
  3. Let me verify your purchase & I’ll send your all your FREE Resources

That’s it.

Do you have any question? Just email the address above (#2) and we’ll help you. We’re here to help you make wise decisions.


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