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Family Travel Ideas on a Budget

Not traveling as much as you’d dreamed? 🙂 Too expensive? Family travel seems like too much to tackle?

When our kids were home, we traveled all over the United States and a few places abroad.  Our favorite family vacation was Costa Rica before Ashley got married.  It was our last trip before expanding our family with son-in-laws or grandchildren. And we took that trip on a budget. Most places we stayed were less than a night’s hotel back home.

Each of our trips was an educational and learning experience. Not that we did formal academics on any of our trips, but we all learned more about history, science, arts and more.

Family travel ideas on a budget - international and in the United States

If you’re interested in family travel on a budget, I’ve got some awesome free resources to help you here in the states or abroad.

International Family Travel

If you’ve ever wanted to tackle international travel (but didn’t think you could afford it), have I got a surprise for you! Stephanie Langford (the co-founder and CEO of Ultimate Bundles) has traveled to over 60 countries with her family. (For real!)

She wants to save you time and money by pointing out the best countries you should travel to. And she’s put her best tips and practical advice inside a 7-video mini-eCourse called Travel More, Travel Cheaper.

Here’s what you’ll learn when you register for this free mini-eCourse:

  • Why choosing cheaper countries is one of the easiest ways to make travel more affordable (and how it might just give you a better experience at the same time)
  • Where to travel in South & Central America
  • Where to travel in North America, Caribbean & Oceania
  • Where to travel in Europe
  • Where to travel in Africa & the Middle East
  • Where to travel in Asia
  • BONUS VIDEO: How to decide where to go next

Go get your Travel More, Travel Cheaper mini-eCourse is no longer available.

Family travel ideas on a budget

Family Travel in the United States

Most of our family travel has been in the United States … Williamsburg, Washington DC, Yorktown & Jamestown, Colorado, California to name a few places.  I compiled a listing of fun family travel trips you might want to take. They are all over the United States and you can get my free ebook by clicking the image or title below.

Route66 Summer Fun Trip Ideas & family travel ideas on a budget

66 Summer Fun Trip Ideas

If you feel like your budget is extra-tight, try one of our staycation ideas. These ideas are across the entire United States. Check our our free listings at the blog post below. Click the image to read all about it.

Family travel ideas with staycations

Family Staycation Ideas

Includes specific ideas in Texas (San Antonio, Bryan, College Station), as well as all the other 49 states.  Enjoy a vacation at home.

What family travel ideas do you have? What’s your favorite family trip you’ve taken? Leave a comment below.




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