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Easter Activities for Kids {Pre Schoolers & Elementary}

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I’ve found a few Easter activities for kids that will help you put Christ back into your Easter celebration. Today I am sharing Easter activities for preschoolers & elementary kids. At the beginning of next week, I’ll share Easter resources for upper elementary, junior high & senior high kids. Watch for that blog post.

Today, let me introduce Sense of the Resurrection.

Add meaning to your Easter & Passion Week celebration. Especially for preschool & elementary kids ... more info from

I’m excited to use this new resource with my granddaughter. Why?

Easter often gets pushed to the back. Christmas gets all the glory, yet the real answer to our life is Jesus conquered sin & death. In other words, Easter!

Too often Easter is about bunnies & baskets.  How do you bring your young kids to focus on Jesus during Passion Week?

Sense of the Resurrection answers this question for preschoolers & elementary kids.  You discover the great story of Jesus’ death and resurrection in kid-friendly ways.  You’ll have the tools  to see how gritty the story really is.

Smell the vinegar.
Hear the roosters.
Taste the broken bread.
See the color of a deep purple robe.

Add meaning to your Easter & Passion Week celebration. Especially for preschool & elementary kids ... more info from

Let your children experience the story bit-by-bit using their five sense. Sense of the Resurrection has already done the work for you: put together crafts, tasted bread, made memorials for your house and how to make memories during your days. Get a sense of what the death and resurrection of Jesus must have been like.

You can can lead your kids to the resurrection, too. Sense of the Resurrection: an Easter Experience for Families contains 12 fun, hands-on, easy, meaningful activities to help your kids come face to face with the Easter story.

It’s easy enough for all-ages, but meaningful enough for parents and kids to have a new understanding and appreciation of the greatest gift God gave us–Jesus, his sacrifice, resurrection and eternal friendship!

And besides all that, it’s less than $10!  Grab your copy right here.


.Question: How will you keep Christ the center of your Easter celebration? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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