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How to Avoid Christmas Stress this Year

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had a wild week. You name it, it’s gone wrong. In some ways it’s a comedy of errors. In other ways, I believe it’s the enemy trying to steal my peace. You may feel the same way trying to avoid Christmas stress right now. Since last weekend …. Continue Reading

Reformation Day Activities

Make history come alive with these Reformation Day activities. On Halloween, October 31, 1517, Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses on the church door and the Reformation came alive. After telling you a quick story about Martin Luther, Kerry shares some simple activities to help your kids love learning. In the comments, you’ll also find… Continue Reading

Fall Flash Sale Extended One Day

I woke up this morning and decided to add 3 of our newest resources (& a few oldies) to our Fall Flash Sale. And I’ve extended the sale by one day, so it ends on Tuesday, October 23, 2018. Do you want to encourage your kids to love learning? Do you wish your kids had… Continue Reading

Reformation Day  {Activities for Kids}

Reformation Day {Activities for Kids}

Reformation Day is at the end of this month, so why not have a Reformation Party? Our family hosted a Night of Reformation (or Day of Reformation) several years when our kids were younger. As they grew older, they helped plan our Reformation parties. Our kids still have fond memories of those parties. Before I… Continue Reading

How to Homeschool while Working from Home with Kids

Whether you homeschool, send your kids to school or work at home, you have lots of activities to juggle. Today I share ways I juggled our homeschool  & kids activities while working from home with kids. Be sure to watch to the very end for 2 important tips for moms & work at home moms!… Continue Reading

Fun Fall Activities for Preschoolers, Homeschoolers & Families

I recently hosted a Mom’s Monday Lunch Bunch on fun fall activities for preschoolers & families. Watch it here: I made part 2 afterwards because I found my favorite nature journaling book. Take a look:  I told you that I’d list the resources I mentioned, so here they are. Just click the image below…. Continue Reading

$150+ FREE Homeschool Giveaways

Happy Monday! 🙂 I hope that you’ve had a fantastic day….BUT, if it has been a Monday, I’ll bet this email will cheer you up! Today kicks off Homeschool Giveaways’ “September Freebies”. Not only will you get my updated Apples & Johnny Appleseed Unit Study, you’ll get over $150 in free homeschool resources. 13 Free… Continue Reading

Mom’s Monday Lunch Bunch

Mom’s Monday Lunch Bunch

I can’t wait any longer to tell you … If you’ve been reading my emails recently, you might remember that I said I have a big announcement on Monday…the first day of Homeschool Super Heroes. I can’t wait any longer to tell you. I’m going to spill the beans today! I have a long list… Continue Reading

Homeschool Super Heroes 2018

Homeschool Super Heroes 2018

I’ve been waiting for a few weeks to tell you about some really cool Homeschool Interviews…that are free for you to listen. This is the perfect way to start the school year! Let me tell you about it. How Do YOU Start Your New School Year RIGHT? Listen to the BEST of our Homeschool Super… Continue Reading

Fun Back to School Ideas {for homeschoolers}

Fun Back to School Ideas {for homeschoolers}

I know some of you homeschool year round, but I liked taking rest during the summer. I was more of a Labor Day to Memorial Day homeschooler, taking a “Sabbath” during the summer.  My kids still learned during the summer, but that’s another post. I love August as a back to school time. New school… Continue Reading