How To Homeschool My Child
Start School Right in 2019 – Free Homeschool Workshop

Start School Right in 2019 – Free Homeschool Workshop

Let me help you on How to Start Homeschooling Right in 2019!

Are you wondering if you’re off to a good start this year?  Are you doing the right things to give your kids the best education possible?

To help you … I’m hosting my FREE online workshop about how to start homeschooling right in 2019. I’ll give specific ways you can be successful homeschooling in 2019 with Godly character, love of learning, classics, and mentoring.

As a little prep work, I’d encourage you to look back at last year and think about your biggest challenges or your greatest needs in homeschooling. Take those thoughts and answer these questions. Leave your answers as a blog post so I can cover them throughout next week.

What is your biggest challenge for 2019 might be?
What is your greatest need in homeschooling right now?

Free Homeschool Workshop - Start School Right

Start School Right in 2019 Online Workshop
January 15, 2019

Choose the time that works with YOUR schedule:
11am EST / 10am CST / 9am MST / 8am PST
3pm EDT / 2pm CDT / 1pm MDT / 12noon PDT

9pm EDT / 8pm CDT / 7pm MDT / 6pm PDT

On this exciting free homeschool event, using the latest online technology, I’ll reveal tips & strategies to give your kids a superior education where they will learn how to think critically & Biblically . . . for life. How to inspire your kids to love learning and give your kids the tools of learning for a lifetime.

I’ll be sharing tips that you can take and use IMMEDIATELY after the workshop!

  • How to inspire a love of learning in your kids … at all ages!
  • Biblical examples of leaders and leaders-in-training that you can follow
  • How to give your kids the tools of learning for a lifetime.
  • A proven method to develop a love of learning for life’s leaders
  • How to make this school year different & better from all the years past…
  • Two stages in laying the foundation for your children to become a leader
  • Three tips to instill the character of a leader at a young age
  • How you can begin this school right with your own children
  • How & where you can start to raise your kids to be leaders, not followers
  • Simple techniques to train your children “how to think” and be successful leaders
  • One activity you can do each day to instill a lifelong love of learning so they can lead
  • Easiest way to become a mentor to your own children this year so they are prepared as leaders
  • How & why a Biblical worldview is imperative to give your own students.
  • How to transition from teacher-directed homeschool to a more independent student-directed homeschool

BUT, most importantly…I will reveal how you can use a love of learning, mentoring and classics to train your kids to become leaders of tomorrow – Godly leaders who will change the world!

Plus not only will you be able to HEAR me, but you’ll also SEE and WATCH it happening in real time on your computer screen, complete with real life examples!

In case you may be wondering why you should join me on my ” Start School Right in 2019″ online workshop Tuesday, let me assure you it is simply a complimentary class that you watch on your computer ….at no cost to you!

Your children deserve more, so take it a step further this year and give them the ability to lead others well and make wise decisions as a mom/dad, husband/wife, employee, entrepreneur, church member, or neighbor

I have only 200 spots for this event. So it’s a SURE BET this workshop will FILL completely. Reserve your seat here:

Don’t delay and kick yourself later.

Go ahead and enter our giveaway below. You could win Raising Leaders, Not Followers.

How to Homeschool My Child

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