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14 Books About Apples & Apple Crafts

14 Books About Apples & Apple Crafts

I love reading books with kids and doing a corresponding craft or activity.  So, I was inspired to share some fun books about apples that you can read with your kids. For each apple book, I’ve included corresponding apple crafts.

Whether you’re looking for apple activities for kids or preschoolers, you’ll find a great book to read this week. There are books for older kids at the end of this list. Be sure to look at all of them!

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Remember, Johnny Appleseed’s birthday is this Thursday, September 26. If you need some Johnny Appleseed activities, grab our free Johnny Appleseed Activity Guide here.

So, which books about apples should you look for in your library? You’ll notice these books are all free…from my library!

Edible Apple Crafts

Read: Applesauce Season, by Eden Ross Lipson

Use the applesauce recipe in the back of the book for a fun edible, apple craft.


Read: Apples and Honey, by Joan Holub

Learn more about the Jewish holiday, Rosh Hashanah.  Then, make an Apples & Honey Dish as described in the back of the book. Another fun edible craft.


Read: Apples, by Jill Esbaum

Make caramel apples.



Other Apple Crafts

Read: Rabbit and Hare Divide an Apple, by Harriet Ziefert

Get several apples. How many ways can you divide an apple into half. Cut each apple differently. Use each half to make apple prints using red & green paint.

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Read: Apple Farmer Annie, by Monica Wellington
This book comes in Spanish, too…if you want to practice your Spanish. That’s what I did.

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Make Sidewalk Chalk Paint Apple Prints. Use Learn-Play-Imagine recipe here.

Read: Apples and Pumpkins, by Anne Rockwell

Get an apple & a pumpkin. Let your kids tell similarities & differences (compare/contrast). Use Venn Diagram to record their findings.

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Make a tissue paper apple tree. The Moffatt Girls have directions for this fun apple craft – right here

Apple Math & Language Arts

Read: Ten Apples Up On Top!by Theo. LeSieg (better known as Dr. Seuss)

I wish I knew about this book when my kids were younger, but I have it ready for the grandkids. Use this book to help your kids learn to count or to learn rhyming words. Tomorrow, I will be publishing free printables you can use with Ten Apples Up On Top!

Apple Crafts in Science

Read: How Do Apples Grow? by Betsy Maestro

I like the simplicity of Let’s Read & Find Out Science books. After reading this one, make Apple to Apple Craft sequencing chart.

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Read: Apples, by Gail Gibbons

Another fun book about apples & their life cycle. Learn all about pollination, seeds, seasons and more. After reading, make one of the activities in the back of the book. You choose from

  1. Planting an apple tree
  2. Baking an apple pie
  3. Making apple cider
  4. Compare apples listed in back of book. Use EducatingLayton apple comparison chart here.

Read: The Apple Pie Tree, by Zoe Hall

Obviously, you can make an apple pie after reading this fun book. Another idea is to make a collage of an apple tree, similar to the art work inside the book. Cut out colored paper in shapes. You might want to use scrapbook paper or construction paper.

Let each child choose an illustration in the book to copy on their own. Copywork is just as valuable in art as it is in writing. Older kids have the opportunity to add detail to make a beautiful piece of art.

Legends about Apples

Choose one these 2 legends about apples as a basis for a writing assignment. Outline the story you chose, using the Story Outline Chart from Teaching Writing Structure & Style (unit 3). Allow your students to rewrite the legend in their own words. Remember they can change any & all aspects of the story “except” the problem. They must keep the problem, even if they change the characters, setting, timing and so forth.

Read: Johnny Appleseed, by Steven Kellogg

Our family enjoyed all of Kellogg’s legend books. You’ll enjoy Johnny Appleseed, too. Use it to let your kids write their own legend.


Read: Apples to Oregon, by Deborah Hopkinson & Nancy Carpenter

This was a fun book that will let your kids learn about traveling from Iowa to Oregon during the 1800’s. Be sure to read the Author’s Note at the end. You might compare & contrast the author’s comments with the story. Or, you might make a map showing all the stops in the story.  Use this for a geography lesson, as well as a writing lesson.

Read: The True Tale of Johnny Appleseed, by Margaret Hodges

Another “tale” about Johnny Appleseed. You can use this for your children to write their own tales. Or, you might compare/contrast the 2 legends of Johnny Appleseed.

Read: Johnny Appleseed, God’s Faithful Planter, John Chapman, by David R. Collins

Compare the 2 legends above with this biography of John Chapman, or better known as Johnny Appleseed.

Map John Chapman’s travels.

Write John Chapman’s story in your own words. Outline his story, using the Story Outline Chart from Teaching Writing Structure & Style (unit 3). Using the outline, have your students write a rough draft. Then add dress-ups & sentence openers. Finally, edit & complete your final copy.

Write a paragraph about John Chapman as a missionary. Use Teaching Writing Structure & Style (unit 5).

What books about apples have you read with your kids? What apple crafts have you done with your kids?You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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