How To Homeschool My Child
Shifting to Independent Learning:  Teaching Tip #3 {5 Days of How to Homeschool}

Shifting to Independent Learning: Teaching Tip #3 {5 Days of How to Homeschool}

Today we have our third installation of “5 Days of How to Homeschool My Child” – you can begin using today’s teaching technique immediately.

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Discover Learning Strategies As Your Homeschooled Child
Shifts to Independent Learning

As mentioned in earlier articles, it is imperative for you to develop strong character qualities and a love of How to Homeschool My child girl learning kid bookslearning. Both of these qualities are important for homeschooled students and future leaders. Without the character to stand against the tide and the ability to keep learning when circumstances look bleak, your children will not become leaders.

As your children grow and mature, they must gain the tools and learning strategies to study independently. During this time period your child will shift their learning with your guidance to independence. Be sure to have plenty of homeschool resources so the shift to independent learning is easy.

How To Homeschool Teaching Tip #3

When you see your child working more independently, the best learning strategies will include projects that he can complete on his own. Please don’t dictate to him the project he should complete. This just develops a future follower. Let your child make decisions for his own learning. These are baby-steps in making decisions & becoming a leader.

You are the expert on your child and I’m sure you know subject areas that interest him. Sit down with him and discuss a project based on that area of interest.

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For instance, your child loves animals. Take some time to talk about an animal or group of animals that he can study. Go to the library and find books on the chosen animal. Encourage your child to read and write about the animal.

Be sure you allocate a specific amount of time each day for studies, possibly an hour or two. Each day discuss your child’s finding.

Homeschool Projects

Let your child choose a project related to those studies – painting, drawing, writing a play, writing a report, building a model, writing a poem, or whatever interests your child. Gather homeschool resources that your child can use in these projects.

Homeschool Presentations

As your child is able to continue studying independently, let him shift to the next level of leadership education. If he becomes overwhelmed, let him move back to the love of learning strategies where he can receive more instruction from you.

It’s quite normal for kids in this stage of “shifting to independence” to move back & forth between needing your guidance and working on their own.  Give them the freedom to need your help or work by themselves.  That’s the point of a transition stage.

How do you foster independence in your children as you homeschool? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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