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Baseball Fun Activities for Kids {Weekend Links}

A New Year, Your Best Year
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Leading up to the World Series, I wasn’t that interested this year.  (Sorry Cardinal & Red Sox fans)

Until I found out that an Aggie was pitching for the Cardinals as a rookie.  I planned a date night for Steve & I to watch it on Thursday, just to watch Wacha. I’ll share that on Monday for Monday Meals & Marriage on Monday.  Here’s a glimpse of what we ate:

baseball food for World Series date night ~

Today I want to share some fun activities you could do in your homeschool…all with a baseball theme. Sometimes it’s hard to keep boys interested in homeschooling, so these fun activities for kids should help you.

baseball fun activities for kids ~

Click on the image to get all the details about these baseball activities for kids.

baseball multiplication game ~

Baseball multiplication game

baseball school activities for kids   ~

Free baseball printables to practice reading

baseball geography, science, math ~

Baseball geography, science, math

baseball activities for kids ~

baseball music game

Baseball music game

baseball science - design a device to launch a ping pong ball high enough to catch it ~

Baseball science – Design a device to launch a ping pong ball high enough to catch it

interactive baseball game to learn baseball science & math ~

Interactive baseball website to learn baseball science & math ~

How do you keep boys interested in homeschool? Do you have any sports activities to share with other homeschool moms? You can leave a comment by clicking here., 5 eBooks for $7.40!

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