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Back to School Excitement {Giveaway}

I know some of you homeschool year round, but I liked taking rest during the summer. I was more of a Labor Day to Memorial Day homeschooler, taking a “Sabbath” during the summer.

The first day of school is right around the corner for most of you…and I love back to school activities


Back to School Activities Ideas TraditionsThis past Saturday, I was reminded of how much fun I have at the start of a new school year.  My oldest daughter, Ashley, will start a brand new job on August 16th.  She will be teaching 2nd grade to “at-risk” kids.  I am a homeschooler at heart, who is super-excited about her adventure.

Ashley met her husband, Jesse, while working with at-risk teenagers.  They both have a great, big heart for at-risk kids.

This past Saturday our local teacher supply store/toy store had their annual Teacher Extravaganza.

I was flooded with memories when I entered Jacque’s.

I spent many days at Jacque’s  when my kids were young.  I took Hunter to story time every Tuesday morning when he was 3-4 years old.  Moms & kids listened as a retired librarian read a classic kids book.  Then she gave us handouts so we could continue the learning at home.  Hunter had fun. Mom had fun.

What more could you ask!

Thank you, Jacque for providing a special time for our family.

I bought many Christmas gifts at Jacque’s Toy Store. In fact, I was reminded of their first location and the books I bought there – keepsakes for grandchildren.  Jacque’s has a terrific blend of fun & educational toys.

But this year ...

… I was there to help Ashley find what she needed for her 2nd grade classroom.  We spent 3 hours in the store. . . choosing the right items, visiting with old friends, and punching out items to be laminated.

Our 1st Day of School Tradition

One of the favorite first day of school activities in the Beck’s house is “Ice Cream for Breakfast”!

First Day of School Ideas TraditionsYou read that right . . . we eat ice cream sundaes on our first day of school.

It’s a once a year tradition and the kids love it! We get a couple different kinds of ice cream, lots of toppings, chocolate syrup and whipped cream.

Some of you might be thinking, “ice cream for breakfast???” But hey, it’s only once a year and it’s to start the school year off right.

First Day of School Giveaway

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How to Homeschool My Child

29 Responses to Back to School Excitement {Giveaway}

  1. We bought new pencil caddies for the girls. They were thrilled. 🙂

  2. kathy balman says:

    We had a back to school scavenger hunt and took some back to school photos with signs that have the kids grades and school year.

  3. Lisa says:

    I make pancakes in the design of the school year for my daughter. This year I had to keep my hand steady to produce “5th.” Sounds easy, but well…

  4. Anastacia Bolderoff says:

    We got dressed up for the first day of school…made homemade doughnuts dipped in chocolate…mmmm gooood. The kids were so excited to make homemade doughnuts…we are going to repeat it this year! Then we took pictures of them by signs I made that had their grade and year. It was a short “work” day but it was a fun way to get started.

  5. Lisa says:

    Wengo on a nature walk and collect leaves. We go home and take photos and make scrapbook pages with the leaves and photos. We make a special lunch and bake cookies for snack.

  6. Jackie Schlageter says:

    Our first day of school consists of going through books to decide which ones we wanted to start with first. Since I taught in a one room mission school house we would go throught the teachers printable books I had obtained and decided which books we wanted to start with. Then I would print out the materials for the first month(which included all holidays or other special times) I would then put the worksheets in special notebooks that the children would use when I was working with another child in another grade. These pages would help the child with the work they were doing at the time. Weo would have cake and cookies and punch to celebrate our first day of school and just take it easy and look through textbooks to give the kids a chance to see what they would be doing that school year.

    That night I would send the folder home with the kids so their parents could see what they were doing and their parents would make suggestions as to what they felt the child needed. The next day I would make corrections if I thought they were good ones and we would start our school year. I would

  7. Nola says:

    On the first day of public school going back, we celebrate our independence as homeschoolers by NOT doing school. We go swimming & have a fun day instead. We’ve gotten the homeschool group to join us for swimming the last few years. PARTY!

    • Kerry Beck says:

      I organized a swim party for local homeschoolers on the first day back to public school. We had over 300 people some years.

  8. RG says:

    We haven’t really decided what to do to celebrate… thanks for the ideas.

  9. Linda says:

    We flip through the new subject books to get an idea of their content. Then we find, print, paint, or draw pics to make collages to slip into the notebooks’ covers to match each subject. It is a fun project and gets the interest up for a middle school student.

    • Kerry Beck says:

      What a great idea. I haven’t heard of that before. I’m sure our other moms of middle school kids will appreciate this.

  10. Julie Brown says:

    I love the idea of a party on the first day public school goes back to school. I think we’re going to try and do that this year! Thanks for the idea.

  11. wendy says:

    I always fix their favorite breakfast for the day. Ice cream has never been an option, though, and I doubt I can bring myself to do that. However, we have often had ice cream to celebrate the end of the first school day.

    • Kerry Beck says:

      Favorite breakfast sound great. I wanted to get myself out of my box and do something crazy. That’s how I came up with ice cream for breakfast.

  12. We don’t have a “tradition” yet for the first day of school. We are military and have moved a lot, and have had a huge family adjustment with our oldest son passing away…SOOO…we have just schooled around all of those things, and don’t really have a “kick-off” of sorts. 🙂 However, our first year of homeschool was three years ago. I wrote on our dry erase board: Welcome to First Grade and Pre-K! for our boys to see, let them make their own lunch by themselves (never had allowed that before!), and we took a really awesome field trip that week (or maybe it was the week after). Great memories!!!

    Reading all of the responses and this blog post has inspired me to celebrate with my son and do something out of the norm like have ice cream for breakfast!

  13. Jo Anne says:

    Well, I am not a “fun” mom, as I can see by these posts. We jumped right into a full day of school! yahoo!
    But, on the 2nd day, tomorrow, we are taking a field trip canoeing with a big portion of our HS community. Does that count? 🙂

  14. Elissa says:

    This is our first year to homeschool at the start of the year. Last year we started homeschooling 2 months into the year after we got approval from the social worker. I am hoping that this year is easier than last year. Expectations have been setup and I feel more prepared. Thankfully our two boys have been adopted and their sister is about to be! That we will an extremely huge day of celebration for all of us!!

    I never thought about it but we might do ice cream too! That’s a cool breakfast to start off the year! We start tomorrow so I’m glad I read this today.

    • Kerry Beck says:

      I’m glad you stopped by, too. Let us know if you have ice cream for breakfast & what your kids think of it 🙂

  15. Tepoe Ka'aumoana says:

    We’ve done it different every year. Last year I saved “back to school shopping” for the first day of Public School. That way, we weren’t as crowded, and got to pick out as many cute folders/notebooks/pencils as we wanted with no pressure of design, number, or other standard. The kids really enjoyed picking out stuff with designs, instead of a few standard colors, etc.

    • Kerry Beck says:

      Great idea – Back to School shopping when everyone is in school. I’ll share that with some local homeschoolers

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