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Advent Snail Mail

Advent is such a great opportunity to not only celebrate and honor The Coming of Christ’s birth, but also to show love to the people in your life!

We have tried many different Advent opportunities as our boys grew up. From reading daily scripture to crafting adorable ornaments with Truth in the Tinsel, and Rak’ing people in our neighborhood (Random Acts Of Kindness).

Advent Snail Mail activities for kids

Still one of my favorite Advent practices is sending snail mail. During December everyone is expecting the perfect photo Christmas card. The one with the amazing setting, lighting, and holiday font. The one all about me and my beautiful family. No one is expecting a Thinking of You or Thank You card. And that is why I love to do it!

Advent Snail Mail

1. Buy a pack of blank cards.

2. Write down names and address envelopes for 24 people. It’s easier to grab a pen and write when you already know who you’re writing.

3. Buy stamps! No way around this one – it’s snail mail!

4. Each day during Advent fill in one card why you’re thankful for that person, share an inspiring message, and/or write a prayer for them. This is pouring out your love for your family and friends!

5. Every day Dec 2nd – 24th put a card in the mail! Keep in mind Sunday will not go out, but keep doing it each day.

If you want to include your children have them color something special instead of sending a card. Grandmas always liked kid art better.

Advent Snail Mail activities for kids

Things to keep in mind …

a. The cards will show up long after Christmas.

b. This requires a bit of time every morning / before the mail comes. Don’t rush your words just to get something out. I usually write my notes before bed.

c. Your sincerity and kindness might be exactly what your friend needed to hear that day.

d. You will spend more time praising others than focusing on yourself during a hyper consumer season.

Try something different for Advent this year ! Advent Snail Mail is the perfect opportunity to practice 1 Thessalonians 5:11

… encourage one another and build each other up …

Stef Layton is mom to two boys and smitten wife to a golf course architect. They live in Orlando, FL and enjoy traveling. They have been homeschooling for over a decade. You can find Stef sharing field trips, reviews, and homeschool encouragement at Follow her on IG: @FlaHomeschooling




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  1. Susan Evans says:

    Kids always love getting mail in the mailbox. What a great idea!

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