How To Homeschool My Child
About Kerry

About Kerry

I’m Kerry Beck and here’s my family…

I was taking this picture.  Doesn’t Mom always take the pictures?

Becks - Gruene Tx

Steve & I married back in 1985 (27 years ago).  Ashley is our oldest and is married to Jesse. She teaches at-risk kids & Jesse is finishing his Masters in Industrial Engineering. They’ll be leaving town in June…for his new job with Samsung.

Gentry works at Rice University Athletics producing men’s basketball games.  Hunter is a sophomore at Texas A&M University, studying Business.

So…I’m a retired homeschooler. I hope I can share the lessons I learned so you can do better in your homeschool.

Homeschooling Help

Not only will I share fun activities to use in your homeschooling, I want to encourage you in what God is teaching her.

I regularly reviews homeschool curriculum.  Check out some of my video reviews today.  You’ll feel like you are sitting across the table from me and “looking” at the manual yourself.


Popular Workshops

I speak at a variety of seminars & conferences.  I’ve been the keynote speaker at the West Virginia homeschool book show.

I’ve also been a featured speaker at CHEA (Orlando, California), Modesto, SETHSA (Houston), CHEACT (Austin), Arkansas State Book Fair, NCHE (Winston-Salem), HEAV (Virginia).

I enjoy participating in a variety of online speaking opportunities and webinars, such as the Ultimate Homeschool Expo and Talk-A-Latte.  My daughters & I founded the week-long teleseminar, Homeschool Super Heroes, that jumpstarts each new school year in August.

Popular Blog Posts


Along with my husband Stephen, I am an author for Homeschooling Today.  Some of our books include:how to homeschool my child

Let's Connect

I enjoy meeting with young moms to encourage them in raising, educating and encouraging their own kids, even if it’s online.

I also have a strong desire to show families ways to give children a love of learning. In my spare time, I enjoy cooking, scrapbooking, quilting and visiting with her friends.  Did I say I enjoys food?  :-)

I’d love to connect with you through email, facebook, twitter, pinterest or youtube.  Please let me know how I can help you or your homeschooling group.

How to Homeschool My Child